8 Reasons to leave your phone at home while socialising.

Hey guys! Its me, back again. Today’s post was initially triggered by me taking part in a real life social event! Yeah, who knew I’d be doing such a thing? But I did, mostly because I was guilt tripped into it as it was a birthday night out for one of my closest friends. The one thing I noticed though, out of the whole night, was the fact that every single individual spent majority of the night on their phones, which makes everything so much less enjoyable. So, I’ve decided to write a post dedicated to 8 reasons to leave your phone at home on a night out.

1. You look SO unapproachable

When you’re out, sitting at the booth with your girls and every single one of you are sitting around the table on your phones, no one is looking at you all thinking “wow, what fun group of people” are they? No. The thought going through most peoples heads when they see you all is more than likely “wow, they look like they’re having a really f*cking shitty time, why don’t they go home?”. Therefor, no one in their right minds going to approach you and try to befriend you. Which, on a night out, is my favourite thing to do!

2. You’re not convincing anyone that you’re having a good time

If you’re on a night out, and your snapchat story is 200 seconds long and consists of pictures and videos of you sitting round a table, waving your phone in peoples faces and posing in the background, we all know you’ve missed half of the funny situations your friends have gotten themselves into because you’ve been too busy trying to convince everyone else you’re having a great time.

3. Drunk Texting

We all know how it is, at a certain time of night after a certain amount of drinks, that we’ve got a person or situation in mind that’s just taking over our whole little drunken minds. Of course, you need to text said person and tell them exactly what you think of them and how they’ve made you feel. Yes, at the time it’s a great idea but not the morning after! When you wake up to a text from the person you absolutely bombarded with abuse the night before and suddenly everything comes rushing back, which is one of the worst feelings ever.

4. Uploading ugly pictures

When you’ve got a good amount of booze in your system and you decide it’s selfie time, but you can’t just take pictures and leave it at that can you? Noooo. You can almost bet on it without a doubt that you’ve uploaded the worst picture of yourself that you’ve ever seen of yourself and it’s already been seen by everyone only to realise you look like Amanda Bynes on a bender.

5. No distractions

We can all agree that if you’re on a night out with the girls (or boys) and you’re posting about it everywhere, your jealous ex boyfriend/girlfriend is going to try ruin your night in some way. Whether it’s a simple text to remind you of their existence or they’ve started a full blown argument with you purely to ruin your night alone, they’ve succeeded. Now you’re ready to go home carrying your heels, a jacket lost, your make up staining your face and a good night ruined, but it’s all good, at least you still have your phone, right? Wrong. Leave it at home next time.

6. You don’t actually need it.

What happened when people left the house without mobile phones before they graced the earth? Absolutely nothing. I can admit, having your phone is more than practical when it comes to losing your friends in the club or looking for a taxi home, but we don’t actually need our phones. How do you think people managed before they were invented? Do you think people just sat around waiting for the day that mobile devices would be sprung upon us? Nope, people did things the exact same, only without their mobile phones, imagine that.

7. The ability the forget your problems and enjoy yourself

A night out is supposed to be a good thing, right? A break from the real world, if you will. So why do we feel the need to carry the one thing with us that contains everything and anything that’s ever went wrong in our lives? Carrying your phone on a night out means that anyone and anything can creep up on you. Whether it’s by calling, texting, tweeting, snapchatting, facebooking, you can be contacted in any way by people that will ruin your night with the click of their fingers, why give them that right? leaving your phone means leaving your life at home for a while.

8. No one can mug you if you have nothing valuable enough to mug.

The safest option is to go out with everything you need hidden on your body somewhere, whether its putting your money/card in your bra, pockets or even knickers at times. Carrying a bag around with you indicates that you have valuables to carry, which is the same with your phone. Most people have their phones attached to their hands, right? Meaning thieves know full well you’ve got one, one worth a lot of money for most cases these days at that. So leaving your phone at home means there’s no way of it being taken!

These are just a few of the reasons that came to mind when thinking about why you should leave your phone at home. I hope you guys can be influenced by this because I really truly believe that in this day and age phones and other mobile devices are taking over peoples lives!

I’ve created a poll for you all to let me know which posts you all prefer as I’ve noticed I get a lot more feedback from some rather than others. There are also some I prefer to write rather than others too so it would really help to see if we’re all more or less on the same page!

lots of love to you all and I hope your weekends been better than mine!

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13 Spring/Summer Trends That You Need To See!

Hey guys, I’m back! This week’s post, as you can tell by the title, is all about the fashion trends of the season and my opinions on them!

A lot of the trends I found came from ‘elle’. The magazines web page posted 13 of the most popular fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2017 from new York fashion week, which I will link right here > http://www.elle.com/fashion/trend-reports/g28728/spring-2017-fashion-trends/? <

  • Seaside stripes – Personally, this has to be my favourite spring/summer trend for 2017. I love how fresh and colourful yet minimal this look is! It’s the perfect look for a walk down the beach or a lunch date with the girls, i’ll definitely be rocking this look this spring/summer. A great place to shop for the nicest seaside stripes Is definitely http://www.patternbank.co.uk


  • khaki – I’ve loved this trend for around a year now. Obviously Khaki hasn’t just appeared on the fashion scene but it’s most definitely making it’s way in big time for the Spring/Summer season! This is one look I’ll most definitely be jumping on the band waggon for! I’ve always found some amazing khaki clothing items from new look!


  • Lemon Yellow – This trend seems to make me unrealistically cheery, I think the colour yellow has a special way of making the world look like a brighter place, especially the shade that all of you beauties seem to be rocking this Spring/Summer! I for one am 100% on board for this trend. You can find some lovely items in all of your high street shops for this one!


  • Banker Stripes – Now, this trend is slightly growing on me, although I’m still not 100% on board with this one. I feel like some of the items within this trend look like something I could rock although others remind me of working a 9-5 office job 5 days a week! I think this is the kind of trend that I’ve started off hating but will end up wearing it along side the rest of you lovelies! ASOS has a lot of lovely banker stripe-y items for all of you fantastic people!


  • Slit Sleeves – I am absolutely loving this trend if I do say so myself! At first, I was sceptical about it but I feel like wearing the right style within it makes all the difference! This one little change can make such a big difference to one item, as you can see from the picture above, you can take a normal long sleeve top and turn it into night out material just by slitting the sleeves! I’ve found others like this on Boohoo and New Look!


  • ‘Iron On’ Rose Patches – This trend blew up all at once and to me it’s definitely a favourite! It looks like someone’s took a normal item of clothing/shoes and just ironed on so much detail, it’s amazed me with how much of a difference it actually makes doing something so small! This is another trend that New Look have definitely taken onto quickly for sure. My favourites got to be the white shirts with ‘ironed on’ rose patches. Something that once looked so plain can be made to look so different by this one trend! Even if you don’t want to spend a lot on it, you’re more than able to buy the patches and DIY it!


  • White Shirt Dress – Now that I’ve mentioned this trend within the rose patches, it would be rude not to bring this one up too, right? Because this is definitely another one of my faves! Much like the picture above, I feel like adding a thin matching ‘belt’ to one of these white shirt dresses makes a lot of difference! It adds shape and the effect of a thinner waist which is always a bonus. You can find these almost anywhere, but one of my favourites is definitely Topshop or PrettyLittleThing.com


  • Aviator Sunglasses – I recently bought a pair of these in rose gold from New Look (you can tell its one of my favourite stores) and they’re definitely my favourite shape of sunglasses ever! I’ve never suited sunglasses, like those girls who take cute af selfies with their sunglasses on. I’ve always wondered why, but these would suit anyone. Especially as I found them in rose gold, the two together is most definitely a dream come true for me!


  • Waist Clincher – Well, I’ve got to admit. I’m not too keen on this trend if I do say so myself. I, like most girls, own one of these. But I wear it under my clothes in order to make me look slimmer or like I’ve actually got a thinner waist! This trend most definitely isn’t for me but that’s not to say you won’t be rocking it this year!


  • Fold over Waist – I only came across this trend when I was researching for this post, but it’s most definitely appealing to me! I love my high-waisted jeans etc but this trend has just made them look ever better! if you can find these anywhere please let me know!


  • Fishnet tights under Ripped Jeans – Although this ones been around for a while, I felt like I had to add it to this post, purely so that I could talk about it, because I love this look so much! We’ve all been there, where we’ve worn tights under jeans because it’s unbearably cold. But I’ve never done it just because it looks good! Until now, that is. This look has definitely won me over for the last few months. You can wear it anywhere too! Nights out, shopping, anywhere, it’ll always look good!


  • Robes – This one is my favourite yet least favourite. Like, I absolutely love the thought of being able to walk about in my nightwear, and wish it was acceptable. But, its just not, is it? these models say differently anyway! Although I’d love to walk down the street and see locals wearing their robes!

These are just a few of the trends for this spring/summer that I’ve seen and think you should all see too! If you have any you’d like to share with me, feel free to do so!

lots of love xo


5 Reasons Not To Romanticise Mental Illnesses

Hey guys, just me again.

I came up with the idea for this post before I even started writing up Thursdays beauty post. It was prompted from the extremely popular Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’. I’ve just finished watching the whole series and I have to say I think the way that it was made, even written (yes, there’s a book!), was amazing! The meaning behind it and the messages that the producers and writer are trying to send has done a great job amongst young people so far. But there have still been a few people, not the majority mind you, but still quite a bit, have picked out the fact that the character struggling with suicidal thoughts and ultimately suicidal actions had someone on her mind romantically throughout the whole series. Meanwhile, she was on his too. They’ve picked this one thing out of all of the messages the whole show has tried to send to make young people aware of mental illnesses, suicide, bullying and the other problems that happen throughout high school and the issues it can cause for a young person inside, and tried to turn it around in a way, to make it all about the romantic relationship that was or wasn’t yet formed between the two. So I thought I would just share with you all a couple of my own opinions and reasons as to why this shouldn’t be a thing.

  1. Real people struggle on their own every day – The truth about mental illnesses, bullying etc is that most people who are suffering, are suffering on their own. It’s not fair for someone who has suicidal thoughts to be branded romantically, or to see people all over the world making it look like it’s a ‘fascinating’ or ‘attractive’ thing to be going through.
  2. Mental illnesses are more known to ruin relationships – As someone who suffers first hand with mental illnesses, I can tell you openly that any relationship I’ve tried to form with people hasn’t worked out for the best, due to my anxiety and depression. Having depression often means that I even struggle to get out of bed sometimes. So for me to be able to withhold a romantic relationship with someone when I can barely bring myself to reply to a text or get out of bed to go and see the other half and just like Hannah, who struggled to see whether Clay liked her or not mainly because she was so convinced that everyone felt a certain way about her because of the way people spoke about her at school, I struggle to see the difference between someone necessarily liking me and someone just giving me the time of day purely because anytime I try to socialise with anyone the anxiety overtakes and distracts me from those kind of signs.
  3. TV Shows are not real life. – TV shows like Skins for example, I love Skins, but Freddie and Effy aren’t a real representation of mental illnesses and relationships within them. Their story is a script, it’s not really like that. If you’re young and you’re starting to see signs in the person you’re with that there’s something not right, you panic. You have no idea what’s going on because you don’t understand and you end up running away from it. You can’t make people feel guilty because they didn’t understand just because of that story that was on a TV series once.
  4. It’s always people who don’t understand – Usually when you see posts romanticising mental illnesses, suicide etc it’s always going to be someone who’s never had to deal with one before and has no idea how it actually feels to be mentally ill. So for someone struggling on their own with a mental illness it’s hard to see something like that and not react. It’s hard to see someone who hasn’t had to deal with the daily struggles of a mental illness preaching about how ‘cute’ it is for your other half to “look after” you. Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that.
  5. It makes people believe that mental illnesses are a trend and not a problem – People who are lucky enough not to suffer from a mental illness see posts like that everywhere and some actually start to think that a mental illness is a trend and even pretend to suffer with one just to look ‘cool’ or ‘attractive’ when in real life, it’s neither of those things. These types of post just constantly adds to more confusion and misconstrued ideas that lead to the mental illness stigma, which most people suffering with a mental illness of some sort are trying to pry themselves away from in the real world.

These are just a few of the reasons that I came up with which makes me hate the whole romanticising of mental illnesses even more. I think instead of romanticising mental illnesses people need to start going out of their way to learn about what these people are going through and try to help in ways that will be appreciated by everyone instead of trying to create a false sense of attraction in something so deep and most definitely not something that’s supposed to be attractive.

thank you so much for being here, lots of love xo

My Spring Make-Up Look!

Hey guys! For all of you who are hanging around here patiently waiting for me to finally write a beauty post, then its your lucky day.I’ve created this brand new spring make-up look just for you!

That glow though, right? perfect for spring to match all of your brightly coloured pretty spring time outfits!

first off I start with primer – MAC, prep + prime natural radiance base lumiere. I put a few pumps on the back of my hand and apply it to my whole face using a beauty blender.

While I wait for it to soak into my face ready for me to apply foundation, I do my brows. I start with taking my Anastasia Beverly Hills angled eyebrow brush and dip brow in ‘chocolate’. I put the tiniest little bit of product onto the brush and start from the bottom inside corner. I use the brush to follow my natural brow shape and then start another line from the top inside corner, slightly further over from the very edge leaving a blank space about 1.5cm long on the top brow line. This creates the ‘faded’ effect. afterwards. adding a little more product onto yours brush and filling in between the lines leaving the blank space still with product. On the other side of your Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush should be another brow brush to set all your brows in the correct place. I use this after applying the product to my brows to make sure my brows are in tact and to brush my lower line upwards making that ‘faded’ effect complete. To finish off the brows I use the ABH tinted brow mascara also in the shade ‘chocolate’ and just brush it through my brows to keep them set in place throughout the day. Afterwards, I take the ABH cream contour palette and a concealer brush, I apply a little bit of product to the brush (in the shade soft light) and carve out my brows, bottom and top, to make the shape as perfect as I want it.

Next, it’s finally time for foundation. I used the Make up forever ultra HD foundation for this make up look. It’s medium/high coverage with a slight glow, perfect for taking pictures with. I use the shade Y225 if anyone is really interested in my shade. I use my Morphe flat foundation brush to apply this and my (damp) beauty blender to blend it in.

Then, I start with my eyes. I used my Morphe 35P palette for this look. First, I applied a transition shade using a Morphe tapered blending brush. The shade I used for this is the first shade in the 3rd row of the palette. Next, I took a regular shadow brush from Morphe and applied a lighter pink shade (second in the 1st row) and used another blending brush to apply a deeper pink shade to my crease (4th in the 1st row). I then applied a dark purple sparkly colour to the outer corner and a white highlight colour to the inner corner (4th row 3rd in and 1st colour on the 1st row). To finish off the eyeshadow look I applied a bright pink (last colour in the third row) just to make my eyes really pop!

No eye look is really complete without eyeliner and mascara, so next is liner! I used a liquid liner from beauty bay, with a thin pen on the end to apply it with. I start from the edge of my shadow on the outer corner of my eye and draw a thin line down and along my upper lash line to make a cat eye and then fill in the rest. After that I use my Maybelline lash sensational mascara in intense black to colour my lashes and make them look longer and fuller. The only thing missing from this look is a pair of fake lashes to make them stand out a bit more!

After I’ve finished my eyes and I’m more than happy with the results, I use a high coverage foundation that’s a few shades too light for me -illamasqua skin base in 02 – as a cream highlight. I apply it below my eyes down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, on my chin and a little bit on my cupids bow and I blend it in again with my damp beauty blender. Afterwards, I use my MAC Studio fix powder in the shade NC15 to set my foundation and concealer in place with my real techniques powder brush!

Next, instead of using a contour shade to define my cheekbones etc I used my MAC Studio Sculpt defining bronzer in the shade Delphic instead, this shade makes your face look more ‘sunkissed’ instead of just contoured. I used my bronzing brush from Morphe to apply this to underneath my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose to create a ‘slimming’ look to my nose, and around my forehead to make it appear smaller, oh, and under my chin, gotta hide those double chins you know.

Then, it’s time for blush. I apply this over the top of my cheekbones to add a bit of colour into my face. I used my MAC powder blush in the colour ‘painted canyon’ for this look. and blended it out to blend in with the bronzer and foundation surrounding it. Then, I apply a little bit of highlighter, using my sleek highlighting palette in the colour hemisphere to add that glow we’ve all been waiting for to my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow.

Just to finish everything off, I go in with my Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the colour Sagittarius and slightly overlined my lips and filling in the rest.

I hope you all loved this make up look as much as I did! I’m thinking of making a youtube channel and starting to do make up tutorials on there for you all, let me know if any of you would like that, and let me see your results! thank you so much for being here

lots of love xo

Things I would say to my younger self.

hey guys,

So, I’ve saw a couple of posts floating around lately on “things I would say to my younger self”, I think it could be a tag, I haven’t been tagged in it, but I have a strong feeling I could make an exceptionally good post out of it. So I’m just going to write a little bit about things I would tell my younger self now and things I wish I had known.

  1. you DO NOT need to be nice to people who are trying to take advantage of you. – Growing up, I had a lot of people take advantage of my good nature. Whether it was friends who weren’t really my friends and just wanted something in return for friendship, or boys, well, men. Usually men. Some of you may already know, some of you might not. But, I once wrote on one of my old posts about how I was raped on my 19th birthday, the 28th of October last year. Well, before that there was another incident. At the age of 12 I became a victim of sexual assault. Ever since I didn’t feel like I had the right to tell guys ‘no’. I didn’t want to be mean to people. How stupid was I to think protecting my own body and innocence was mean.
  2. Don’t favour fake friendships over real ones – Growing up, I always tried to be friends with everyone. I thought that the more people that liked me, the better I’d feel about myself. But the truth is, I liked myself so much better when I was being true to myself instead of pretending to be someone I wasn’t.
  3. Just because your home life is different from everyone else’s doesn’t mean your not loved the same – Growing up, all my friends had mums and/or dads who would wake up with them before school, make them breakfast, set them up for the day, but not mine. My mum would still be in bed when I got home. I hated going to my friends houses and watching their parents act like real parents, it made my heart bleed jealousy. But I’ve learned since that my mum does love me just the same, she’s just not very good at being a mum.
  4. Put yourself first – I wish I hadn’t been so selfless and put my own feelings first from time to time. I know its a great quality to have, but whose putting you first if you can’t even do it yourself? Because you bet your ass that they’d put themselves before you in a heartbeat.
  5. Don’t be so trusting – My biggest mistake was letting people in who didn’t deserve it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put my all into someone and they’ve passed it all on to someone else. i can honestly say I’ve been betrayed in every way possible all by different people I put my trust in. People are evil and there isn’t very often that you find someone whose going to support you instead of going against you at the first chance they get.
  6. Live your life and stop worrying – I know ‘stop worrying’ isn’t something that you would usually say to someone who suffers with a serious case of anxiety, but I truly mean it. Stop worrying about everyone else and start concentrating on having fun, you’re still a kid! Stop giving yourself adult responsibilities. If your mum cant look after you properly, that isn’t your fault. Nor is it your responsibility to take on yourself as your own parent.

That’s just a few things that i would say to myself if i met a younger version of me. What would you say to your younger self?

Starting from the beginning.

Hey guys, I’m back.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is, exactly, that I want to do with my blog. I mean, I know pretty much what I want to use it for, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, mental health posts. But it’s taken me a lot of time to figure out how exactly I’m going to do it. Along the way I’ve came up with a few ideas too! So you can let me know if you think its a good idea or not, at the end of the day, it’s you I’m aiming to please here!

First things first, I’m going to start posting just twice a week. Thursdays and Sundays. On a Thursday it’ll be more beauty related, like make up, hair, fashion, skin care. On a Sunday it’ll be Lifestyle/mental health, I know you guys love that stuff.

I’m thinking of setting up an email for some of you to talk to me about anything that’s bothering you. As I’ve said from the beginning, I don’t want any of you suffering in silence. If you think that’s a good idea leave a like or a comment and that’s what i’ll do, I might even start writing posts to help you guys, anonymous though, of course.

I know this ones been short, and i’m sorry its taken me this long to decide what i’m doing. I’m going to start bucking up my ideas as of now!

lots of love xo